Integrated Case Management System

ICMS opens the door to the world of strength-based case planning, workload management, and a case management system. This system has a sequential set of activities that include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting officer effectiveness in the supervision process
  • Assessing actuarial risk and needs
  • Aiding in developing caseload priorities and meeting responsive case management standards
  • Providing caseload ratios which aid in workload management
  • Improving probationer accountability by tracking case planning assignments
  • Assisting in increasing positive outcomes which enhances community safety
  • Connecting the offender to appropriate services, interventions (e.g. mutual help groups) and levels of care (e.g., treatment) which matches the offenders risk/needs
  • Monitoring court ordered conditions
  • Facilitating the collection of fines, court costs, and restitution
  • Tracking presentence investigations to completion
  • Discharge management
  • Tracking Interstate transfers

Used in conjunction with www.Online-Testing.com, ICMS becomes a valuable case planning/management tool with assessment and classification capabilities. These functions, coupled with the system's ability to generate reports, will assist in probation's quest of meeting Evidenced Based Principles.